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2020欧洲杯对阵图From the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside and from cultural evolution to concepts in sustainability, our researchers and scholars are translating discovery into meaningful, measurable impact that is changing the world for the better.

Research Around the University

Cornell Global Research Stories

2020欧洲杯对阵图Cornell research delivers results that matter all around the world.

Jinzhou (Joel) Li, vice president of Qimei, foreground, and Ralph Christy, inspect apples at a Chine
A man walks alongside a field near Asella, Ethiopia.
A map showing the sea currents in the Indian Ocean
The Santo Antônio hydropower dam, recently built in the Brazilian Amazon.

Partnership will advance food safety research in China

2020欧洲杯对阵图Three Cornell colleges partner with a Chinese organic food group to collaborate on microbial food safety research and improve producer and consumer education.


Project partners researchers, librarians and AI to fight hunger

Ceres2030’s eight research teams across 23 countries use machine learning, librarian expertise, and cutting-edge research synthesis to identify interventions that will improve the lives of the world’s poorest farmers while preserving the environment.

Southeast Asia

How the Seas Shape Civilizations

2020欧洲杯对阵图Eric Tagliacozzo, professor of history, studies the movements of people, objects, and ideas throughout Southeast Asia from the Colonial Age to contemporary times.


AI helps shrink Amazon dams’ greenhouse gas emissions

A Cornell-led team uses artificial intelligence to find the most promising configurations of dam sites in the Amazon basin, an ecologically sensitive area covering more than a third of South America.