Cornell in New York City

2020欧洲杯对阵图 Cornell has been part of the fabric of New York City for more than 100 years. Across the five boroughs, Cornell students live and learn, faculty conduct research to solve urgent needs, alumni lead in law, finance, healthcare, media, tech and other major industries, and community partners join us to raise the quality of life for thousands of New Yorkers.

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Connecting Ithaca and NYC

Traveling between Ithaca and New York City? Whether you are looking for transportation and lodging, want to reserve a meeting space or need help connecting to Wi-Fi, we have you covered. This robust list of resources is designed to help faculty, staff and students travel between the Ithaca main campus and New York City locations.

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Campus to Campus bus.

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Cornell flag on New York City street
Pedestrians in front of a building in New York City
Looking up a tall building in New York City
AAP NYC on glass door
Top of an office building
Street level view of Manhattan.
Belfer Research Building exterior.
Front entry of Weill.
A doctor walking past Weill.
The entry of the Koch center.
A glass entryway.
The hospital from outside.
Cornell Tech Campus.
The NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens exterior.
The sidewalk and street in front of the Cooperative Extension building in Queens.
Street in front of the Cooperative Extension NYC office.
A Brooklyn street.
A Cooperative Extension building.
NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.

570 Lexington

570 Lexington Ave., Manhattan

Home to Cornell ILR in NYC, Cornell University Cooperative Extension-New York City and much more, this flagship location supports faculty research, student learning and public engagement activities.

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Weill Cornell Medicine

575 Lexington Ave., Manhattan

Weill Cornell Medicine administrative offices.

Alumni Affairs and Development

230 Park Ave., Manhattan

Alumni Affairs and Development’s Northeast Corridor office, serving Cornellians from Boston to Washington, D.C.

Architecture, Art and Planning NYC

26 Broadway, Manhattan

Architecture, Art and Planning's program serves undergraduate, graduate and professional students seeking to live and study in NYC.

Weill Cornell Medicine

850 Third Ave., Manhattan

2020欧洲杯对阵图Weill Cornell Medicine administrative offices.

Office of Investments

1155 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan

Cornell’s Office of Investments manages the university endowment and supports its educational mission.

Weill Cornell Medicine Belfer Research Building

413 E. 69th St., Manhattan

2020欧洲杯对阵图Weill Cornell Medicine’s Belfer Research Building houses bench-to-bedside research targeting some of the most formidable health challenges of the 21st century.

Weill Cornell Medicine

1300 York Ave., Manhattan

2020欧洲杯对阵图The primary campus location for Weill Cornell Medicine, in the heart of the East Side’s Life Sciences Corridor.

Weill Cornell Medicine Greenberg Center

1305 York Ave., Manhattan

Weill Cornell Medicine’s Greenberg Center is a leading facility for ambulatory care and medical education.

NewYork-Presbyterian David H. Koch Center

1283 York Ave., Manhattan

2020欧洲杯对阵图At NewYork-Presbyterian’s David H. Koch Center, Weill Cornell Medicine physicians provide high-quality, personalized care.

NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center

525 E. 68th St., Manhattan

2020欧洲杯对阵图Dedicated to excellence in patient care, NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center is the primary academic hospital of WCM.

NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital

170 William St., Manhattan

Weill Cornell Medicine physicians practice at NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital, the only acute care facility serving lower Manhattan.

Cornell Tech

2 W. Loop Rd., Roosevelt Island

2020欧洲杯对阵图Cornell Tech offers graduate education and research for the digital age, integrating the fields of technology, business, law and design.


56-45 Main St., Queens

A community teaching hospital affiliated with Weill Cornell Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens serves Queens and metro New York residents.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension-NYC

89-62 164th St., Queens

2020欧洲杯对阵图Cornell University Cooperative Extension-New York City outreach center serving Queens communities and residents.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension-NYC

445 E. 148th St., Bronx

Cornell University Cooperative Extension-New York City outreach center serving Bronx communities and residents.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension-NYC

55 Hanson Pl., Brooklyn

The Shirley A. Chisholm State Office Building houses programs by Cornell University Cooperative Extension-New York City and the Cornell Food Venture Center.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension-NYC

1346 President St., 3rd Floor, Brooklyn

2020欧洲杯对阵图Cornell University Cooperative Extension-New York City outreach center serving Brooklyn communities and residents.

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

506 6th St., Brooklyn

2020欧洲杯对阵图A voluntary, acute-care teaching hospital, NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is affiliated with Weill Cornell Medicine.

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